4 potential risks to be careful of when using artificial intelligence

The terms artificial intelligence or AI are not new for the majority of us. Because since a couple of decades, we have seen rapid advancement in the world of technology and artificial intelligence. The artificially intelligent and automated machines are working to provide the best a man can get.

The automated software that is intelligent and can provide you with amazing results, is there to help people anytime they want. It is making revolutionary changes in the world of business, marketing, and all other areas.

This is the kind of technology that has provided people with a lot of beneficial tools and techniques. But this would be not unfair to say that there are potential risks of this technology as well. And the concerns that the people have from it, are all just real.

This is the technology that has potential risks that must be aware of while benefiting from it.

In this post, we are going to discuss the risks that can arise because of the use of any of the AI tools directory articles.

  1. Job automation is the first and the most pronounced risk of this technology. When this technology is implemented, there would be a good percentage of people who would most likely lose their jobs. According to a survey, about 25 percent of Americans would lose jobs, thanks to AI technology.

  1. Another thing is that the decisions made by AI can, most of the time be biased. This is because they work on a specific algorithm and they decide based on what has already been fed to them. So the AI approach would not be promising no matter how wide the array of information it is fed with.
  2. There are accidents and safety hazards as well. consider for example that there is a self-automated car. If it starts malfunctioning, it will be a serious threat to the driver, the passengers, other people on the road, and the other vehicles out there.
  3. When used with care and precaution, AI is just an amazing thing. But consider it getting into the wrong hands? What consequences you are going to face and how bad could the resulting disaster be?

So we agree that there is a myriad of benefits that you can avail from AI technology. but there are disadvantages too and they need to be minimized.

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