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When we talk about increasing the audience and boosting the reach, there are quite a few marketing techniques that yield great results. Paid Ads Marketing is an aspect of Digital Marketing and not many are aware of the kind of results it can produce that will benefit the company. Some businesses opt for Paid Ad Agencies to take care of their Marketing activities. If you are on the lookout to level up your marketing game, then adding Paid Ads to your marketing strategy would give your business the boost it needs to pinpoint qualified leads.

Paid Ads Marketing – What it is and what it does?

Paid Ads Marketing in simple terms means placing an advertisement on a search engine or a website and paying for every click that lands on your page.
It is up to you to establish the parameters of the marketing campaign and decide the cost per click. Various methods will help make the campaign more effective, to name a few:

  • Tracking the conversion rates
  • Measuring the cost per acquisition

    Have you ever noticed that every time you complete a Google search, the first two or three results start with an Ad? Those are your Paid Ads. And, have you ever come across a banner ad on a website that offers different products, that’s a different kind of Paid Marketing Ad. There are two kinds of Paid Marketing Ads namely:

  • Flat Rate

    Flat-rate PPC bidding is when advertisers pay an established rate for an ad click on a publisher’s website or social media platform. These rates are agreed upon and are keyword terms based on the kind of competition that exists for the term on a competitor’s website.

  • Bid Based

    Bid-rate PPC bidding is when advertisers compete for a top position in the organic search results on search engines like Google or Bing. The bidding is based on the kind of demand placed on a certain keyword.

In both the Marketing Ad cases, the higher the competition, the higher will be the  rate for a click on your ad.

What Makes the Best Paid Ads Marketing Agency?

A successful Paid Ads Marketing strategy will depend on the rules and best practices of each platform. The best way to get the best results from your advertising is to outsource it to a top Ads Marketing Agency. This will help you save time and resources. A good Ads Marketing Agency will take the guesswork out of the process and bring expertise to the table. If you are on a lookout for a Marketing and Consulting Agency then Cybez is the best option for you as they are niche E-commerce Marketing and Consulting Company that have helped many brands to setup and scale their businesses online. With a combined experience of more than 30 years in the digital industry, Cybez’s team is a complete and strategic mix of professionals from Research, Planning, Marketing and Project Management domain. Explore and avail their E-commerce Marketing and Consulting services to skyrocket your online business.

  • Transparency

A paid advertising marketing agency with experience will be transparent in its communication, campaign performance, and overall PPC strategy, using data to justify every decision. The team will be able to project results and identify improvements going forward. You can be assured that they won’t cut corners and will follow industry best practices to protect your business.

In order to maintain control and consistency, an honest Paid Ads Marketing Agency won’t outsource work – it’s all done by their Paid Ads Marketing team in-house. They will be very upfront about what they can and cannot do. This will prevent any surprises down the road.

  • Established Process

The best agencies will have an established process and plenty of examples of Ad Marketing. They should have a proprietary process that has been fine-tuned over years and hundreds of campaigns.

Cybez provides top notch services by creating an outline for their process, explaining every step so you and your team are on board. In addition, they will set clear deadlines for ad creation, campaign start and end dates, as well as reporting. While they may reach out to recommend changes in strategy (like starting or ending a campaign early), they will not miss deadlines.

  • Goal Alignment

A good Paid Ad Marketing management agency will be your partner and take the time to understand your business goals. They should develop a custom strategy to fit your business, industry, and goals. They provide more than a  one size that fits all strategy. Whatever is  created is unique, so they will enable you to  succeed with unique campaigns that will be best suited to your  brand and help overarching goals. Your agency should be more than just a vendor and will share in your success.

  • In-Depth Research

Not only should an Ad Marketing agency know your brand, industry, business, and goals, but they should also know what keywords are top-quality and most relevant for you. The research should comprise of keywords and searches that help drive your strategy forward.

Cybez  explains the entire keyword research process to their clients, that includes the tools and the metrics they have used to pinpoint certain keywords. The Paid Ads Marketing agency should leverage the various negative keywords feature in Google Ads to ensure that  you’re never bidding on keywords that are irrelevant or won’t produce ROI (return on investment).

  • Consistent Results

They get results, plain and simple. They prove ROI.

A top Paid Ad Marketing agency will have case studies that showcase those results and how their process directly created those results over and over. Make sure that the agency has a history of success with other clients, specifically clients that are in your industry.

Questions to Ask Your Paid Ads Marketing Agency

There are many options for  Paid Ads marketing agencies out there. After sorting through the top firms and agencies, you will want to set up consultations to see what they offer. After they provide a pitch and overview of their process, you will want to make sure all of your questions are answered:

  • What certifications does your agency and team have?
  • What Paid Ads Marketing channels are you most proficient in?
  • Do you have case studies or results to show me in my specific industry?
  • Are the campaigns customized to my specific business? How?
  • What’s your minimum monthly spend?
  • How do you choose the keywords and searches before bidding?
  • How often do you report on Paid Ads performance?
  • What platform do you use for reporting?
  • Are reports customized?
  • Do we have a point of contact?
  • How are your management fees structured?
  • Do you do A/B testing for ad copy?
  • Do you write the ad copy? Do we? What about ad design?

Cybez – Your go-to E-commerce and Marketing Consultancy

Given below are the key traits that make Cybez stand out from the crowd, making it the best E-commerce and Marketing Consultant for your business and brand growth.

Brand Alignment

At, Cybex being the Top Paid Ad Marketing Agency, we  will take the time to learn about your business, your long term and short term goals and the kind of channels that will show real ROI. We are more than just a vendor but an extension of the business.

Excellent Communication

We make sure to have regular ongoing meetings with our clients where they we show how the PPC campaigns are performing, as well as how that performance affects strategy. A solid PPC partner will keep you updated on industry trends, content needs, and any changes in your business.

Cybez’s Paid Marketing team listens carefully when you talk and act as a thought partner.

Valuable Reporting

At Cybez, we will leverage the best tools to show campaign performance. Our team will help in the integration of their PPC platforms into the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager so you have access at any time to the data. They will help build all the reporting dashboards that will inform your team about everything they need to know, not highlighting vanity metrics that aren’t valuable to your goals.

They won’t just report performance, but also inform you as to how your strategy is impacted by that performance. Moreover, they will always be open to adapting to new campaigns, content, and messaging to get better results with each campaign. If something falls flat, they will understand how to adjust moving forward.

Last Word

Make sure not to settle for a team that is anything less than a true partner. The Paid Marketing Ads agency you hire should answer your calls, emails, and questions quickly. They should never go MIA or off the grid because they have customers – like you – counting on them.

In case your point person is out, you should be contacted so you know how to get a hold of the temporary stand-in or replacement. You should always have a direct line where you can send questions or comments to a person you are familiar with on the team. Make sure that their communication is clear, concise, and professional.

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