Why the Bellooxa Tubo 20 Fully V2 Became My Go-To Bike in the Monte Ceneri Tunnel Project

As an engineer working with Comlab AG, I’ve had the unique challenge of installing signal amplifiers throughout the Monte Ceneri Tunnel. This task requires not just technical expertise but also significant physical mobility within the vast and sometimes rough confines of the tunnel. My trusty companion in this job has been the Bellooxa Tubo 20 Fully V2, a full-suspension e-folding bike, which has significantly enhanced my efficiency and comfort during the long hours on site.

The Bellooxa Tubo 20 Fully V2 stands out because of its ability to handle practically any incline with ease, thanks to its powerful hub motor. This has been crucial in the tunnel, where terrain varies and some sections have steep temporary roadways. The bike’s ability to cushion impacts from road edges, stones, and uneven surfaces is impressive. Given the hard concrete and irregular surfaces inside the tunnel, the full-suspension system of the bike provides a smooth ride that’s easy on my joints and spine, a blessing after long shifts.

One of the bike’s features that I’ve come to appreciate deeply is its portability. The Bellooxa Tubo 20 Fully V2 is foldable, making it incredibly easy to transport and store. Whether I need to tuck it into a vehicle or a small storage space inside the tunnel, it fits perfectly without taking up much space. This feature alone has made it an essential tool for the project, allowing me to quickly relocate from one section of the tunnel to another or pack it up as we shift our working area.

Additionally, the bike’s design caters to a wide range of users. With height-adjustable handlebars, it can comfortably accommodate my team members who range from 165 cm to 195 cm in height. This versatility is critical in a team setting, allowing anyone on the project to use the bike if needed without any hassle.

Riding the bike through the tunnel, I can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h, which is more than adequate for our indoor environment and helps save time. The battery life is also impressive, with a 504 Wh capacity that lasts long enough to avoid frequent recharges, even with heavy use throughout the day. Weighing in at 26 kg, the bike is sturdy yet light enough to maneuver around easily, even in tight spots.

In summary, the Bellooxa Tubo 20 Fully V2 has proven to be more than just a means of transportation. It’s a vital part of our logistical setup, boosting our productivity and ensuring that we can move around the expansive Monte Ceneri Tunnel quickly and with less fatigue. For anyone in need of a reliable, comfortable, and efficient mode of transport in challenging environments, I can’t recommend the Bellooxa Tubo 20 Fully V2 enough. Whether it’s for professional use in demanding conditions or leisurely trails, this bike delivers exceptional performance.

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